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Opportunities abound for networking, learning, and inspiration. Find out about the latest technology trends, pick up valuable business insight and above all, make the right connections to move your business forward.

Connected Consumers - Social, Mobile & Global

Connected consumers engage with and contribute to the web in an accelerating manner. Innovations in social functionality and mobile, location aware devices have enabled disruptive and compelling consumer facing applications and services. This is a massive and global trend. Is this the "first inning" or a "bubble"?

Pre-Event Session: Securing a High Value Outcome in Difficult Times

#1: Market Overview and Update
Presenter: Cully Davis, Managing Director, Equity Capital Markets, Credit Suisse

#2: The Path to Liquidity: Tax Considerations
Description: What can you do from a tax perspective to maximize your company’s potential for a successful liquidity event now and in the near future? Where you can focus your resources today to help avoid or mitigate tax matters from derailing the path to liquidity through an IPO exit or an M&A transaction in the future? This 20 minute session will focus on key tax considerations to address in any fast growing company.
Presenters: Brian MacKenzie, Managing Director, Economic and Valuation Services, KPMG LLP and Scott Worsdell, Partner, M&A Tax, KPMG

#3: Jumpstarting the Capital Raising Process
Description: Will the JOBS Act increase access to private and public capital markets? The JOBS Act has changed the IPO process in the U.S. to make it easier for emerging companies to go public, and it is also changing the way that private companies can raise money. This session will inform you about how the new rules can help you acquire the capital you need to grow your business.
Presenters: Scott Stanton, Chair, Corporate Department, Morrison-Foerster and Cully Davis, Managing Director, Equity Capital Markets, Credit Suisse

#4: Running the Gauntlet.
Description: Post-exit execution and transaction management are key to a successful exit. How can you retain your desired exit price, after the exit? Your work doesn't stop the day of the IPO or M&A. This session will discuss what not to do after your exit. Recent case studies will illustrate the dangers in both IPO's and M&A's.
Presenters: Wally Cheng, Director, Technology M&A, Credit Suisse, Greg Davidson, Partner, Co-Chair, Emerging Technologies Practice Group, Gibson Dunn and James Moloney, Partner, Vice-Chair, Corporate Governance and Securities Practice Group, Gibson Dunn

Elevator Pitches By Sector

Consumer Internet and Media – Vista Ballroom I

Technology and Cleantech and Mobility - Vista Ballroom II

Enterprise and Communications - Huntington Ballroom North

Software and Services – Huntington Ballroom South

Consumer Internet and Media - advertising, social, media & entertainment, consumer applications and services, online gaming, e-commerce, content services, advanced advertising. Vista Ballroom I

Mobility – Mobile commerce, security, communications technology, WiMAX, Smartphone IP, graphics/video/imaging engines, power sources, sensors, camera, advertising, gaming, video, device management, roaming, service delivery platforms Vista Ballroom II

Technology & Green Tech – cleantech, manufacturing and memory, and Consumer Internet-related hardware, equipment, systems, subsystems, and semiconductors Vista Ballroom II

Enterprise & Communications - Servers, storage & information management, security, manageability and virtualization; cloud infrastructure and services; visualization and media processing; embedded applications & communications infrastructure. Huntington Ballroom North

Software and Services - Mobile software, Internet Services, cloud computing, security, big data/analytics software, 3D visualization, video/Imaging, gaming, enterprise applications, embedded, HPC/virtualization, cleantech software, financial services, heath care IT. Huntington Ballroom South

Elevator Pitches will be delivered by attending Portfolio Company CEO's twice this year, on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, to enable attendees to view pitches from multiple sectors. Pitches will be delivered in separate break-out rooms, assigned by Industry Sector:

Reaching the Top in Business and Life

What does climbing Mt. Everest have to do with achieving success in business?

Everything! Putting a team on top of the tallest peak in the world requires courage, commitment, preparation, sharp decision making and risk management skills – all performed in an environment of uncertainty.

After reaching the summit of Mt. Everest, the highest point on Earth at 29,029 feet, Paul and Denise Fejtek joined a small and extremely elite group of climbers who have scaled all of the Seven Summits – the highest peaks on each of the seven continents.

This dynamic husband & wife team will share their exciting story with you about their Seven Summits quest, and what it takes to train, prepare, and select the right team to help you get to the top. Their media rich presentation also includes high definition video from the summit of Mt. Everest, and will transport you to a place a rare few ever experience. Along the way you'll hear some exciting stories and lessons found in Paul's recently released book "Steps to the Summit – Reaching the Top in Business and Life."

Panel Discussion - The Volatile Economy

Tom Campbell will moderate "The Volatile Economy". Tom is uniquely qualified to elicit a lively discussion among our panel of experts, as a former US Congressman, Director of the State of California, Dean of the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, and now Dean of the Chapman University School of Law. Panelists are from around the world, representing banking, accounting, law and investment. Learn More ▸

Panel - Opportunities and Challenges: India

With growing populations of increasingly tech savvy consumers, the available market for technology innovations is rapidly growing within India. The opportunities are staggering. How are entrepreneurs and multi-nationals taking advantage of these mega-trends? As India refines its regulatory oversight and critical infrastructure to better manage the boom, what challenges must be managed? The panel will be moderated by Jai Pathak, Partner-in-Charge of the Singapore Office and Pacific Asia Region of Gibson Dunn & Crutcher.

Connect Meeting Sessions

Back by popular demand: more time to Connect! This series of dynamic, high-value, 15-minute meetings lets all registered attendees connect 1:1 with one another. Discover cutting-edge technologies, explore new opportunities and accelerate your business. Starting in August, just go to the Attendees page or download our handy Global Summit mobile app to book appointments with the companies you want to meet.

In 2012, we have expanded the hours to Connect:

Monday:        12:00PM - 4:00PM, 7:00 - 10:00PM
Tuesday:      06:30 AM - 07:45 AM, 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM, 8:50 PM - 10:00PM
Wednesday: 06:30 AM - 07:45 AM, 11:15 AM - 01:45 PM

Mobility Sector Track

Show Rooming: Future of Retailing

Show rooming, the act of browsing in store but shopping online, is eroding traditional brick and mortar retail. In this panel, we will examine the trends affecting today -- retailers and discuss strategies that will enable them to compete more effectively in this constantly evolving marketplace. Join our panel for a stimulating discussion of consumer perceptions, technology innovations and the evolution of commerce. Our industry experts will share their predictions and tell us how we'l all be shopping in the future.
Enterprise Breakout Session
Cloud Revolution

As the cloud gathers momentum, how will the enterprise stay in sync? Hear industry experts discuss the key issues and trends facing businesses today in two compelling 20-minute talks:

Open Cloud Revolution:
Andy Bechtolsheim, Chairman of Arista Networks; co-founder of Sun Microsystems

As a legendary innovator and investor in Silicon Valley, Andy has unique perspectives on the future of the enterprise. He'll make the case for open standards as a foundation for innovation in the cloud.

Consuming the Enterprise:
Ed Goldman, Intel Corporation, CIO and head of strategy, innovation and architecture for Intel IT

Cloud-based services and employee-owned devices are driving a vital shift within the enterprise. Ed will explore the many implications of IT "consumerization," discussing how Intel is addressing the issues, and analyzing the impact on employees, customers, partners and vendors.

Simon Sinek

There is something all great leaders have in common - they are able to inspire people to act. From Martin Luther King Jr. to Apple, leaders with the ability to inspire all follow the same pattern - they don't start with what they want done or how they want it done, they always start with Why.

The leaders who inspire us all think, act and communicate the exact same way and it's the complete opposite to everyone else. Those who inspire are not driven with what they do, they are driven with WHY they do it.

Join Simon Sinek, leadership expert and best-selling author, explains how real inspiration starts with Why.

Attend this event to learn:
  • about the concepts of the Golden Circle – it provides a framework upon which organizations can be built, movements can be lead, and people can be inspired.
  • about how you can find your Why, the purpose cause or belief that drives each one of us, or the Why of your organization.
  • how living your Why can help you or your organization be more innovative, more influential, and command greater loyalty from customers and employees alike.
  • how to attract people to believe in what you believe, so that together you can work to build the world you imagine.
  • And more

Ray Hammond - The Eight Key Drivers of the Next 30 Years

Do you know what the business climate will be in 2015? How about in 2040? Take a unique look into the world of 2030–2040 as futurist Ray Hammond pinpoints eight key trends that will shape world society, business, and the global economy over the next 30 years. From climate chaos and asymmetric global population explosion to the transitioning energy crisis and developments in medical science, you’ll hear why these and other trends are driving rapid changes in the twenty-first century. Ray will describe how these forces are likely to interact to create the world of 2030-2040. His enlightening and thought-provoking insights will help business leaders plan for our world yet to come.

M&A: The preferred exit strategy?

What is causing the trend towards fewer IPO's? What regulatory and macroeconomic trends are affecting the seeming preference for consolidation rather than creation of a new publicly traded company? How has the Facebook IPO changed the expectations of entrepreneurs and investors? In what circumstances should acquisition be entertained rather than IPO? Come hear an in - depth discussion of the major trends affecting successful company-building and investment. Come hear the Bureau Chief from Financial Times moderate a provocative discussion with experts from Gibson Dunn, KPMG, Evercore Partners, Needham and ArchPoint Partners for their perspectives and advice.

The Race to Innovate

Let's take a look around the world: Europe, China and Japan in particular, for the state of technology innovation. What are the notable technology trends in these two very different regions?  Any other notable hotbeds of innovation? What advice and predictions can be made in the global competition between nations as they focus on their unique assets and seek to spur innovation?  What are the implications for corporate executives and technology entrepreneurs seeking to grow and expand?   Join sponsors Credit Suisse and Morrison Foerster for a lively discussion of what's coming next.

Deepak Chopra

Dr. Chopra will share strategies for how businesses can promote creativity, innovation and social well being into the DNA of their organizations and marketing efforts that can not only become self-sustaining and profitable, but also socially conscious and transformative.